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About Us. Baltimore Dental clinic Pro-Dentist

For almost 10 years now, we have been helping people restore their health in Baltimore, diagnosing, and arranging preventive measures. Our dentists understand that the most important thing for our visitors is to stop being patients as soon as possible (patient from Latin “patiens” - means enduring suffering) and have no need to visit a dentist for as long as possible. That is why all our attention is directed to high-quality dental and oral care, the highest quality prosthetics and any other dental services that we can provide you in our clinic.

People come to our dental clinic from all over Baltimore for a reason. People already know that our dentists are attentive and try very hard at all stages of treatment. The dentists of our clinic are constantly trained in modern techniques, which are improved every year. Dentistry does not stand still. New equipment, medicines, tools and components necessary for dental treatment. All this is being implemented in our dentistry to increase the comfort and quality of dental services.

In our dental clinic, there are only professional dentists, masters of their craft. We take into account all the needs of a person and always approach the solution of any problem in a comprehensive manner. In our clinic, there are specialists for any case: dentist therapist, surgeon, orthopedist, orthodontist, and periodontist. Indeed, with the possibility of participation in the treatment of specialists of different profiles, the highest treatment result is achieved.

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Dental and oral care tips from the dentist


Frequently Asked Questions. Baltimore dental office

How often should I have my teeth cleaned at the dentist’s?
It is believed that you need to clean your teeth at the dentist 2 times a year. But this is the case if you take care of your teeth and mouth, and brush your teeth regularly. But there are factors that indicate that you probably need to visit the dentist for cleanings more often. These factors include:
• Alcohol consumption • Smoking • Frequent consumption of tea, coffee, or any food that stains tooth enamel • Not using floss and rinse aid in daily brushing • Individual characteristics of the mineral composition of saliva

Is it necessary to remove wisdom teeth?
It is definitely worth removing wisdom teeth if they begin to negatively affect neighboring teeth due to lack of space in the dentition. This is often accompanied by toothache. Also, if they begin to undergo caries, then there is no point in treating them either. Since they do not help to chew food and cannot serve as a support for orthopedic treatment. Of course, if there is enough space in the jaw for wisdom teeth and they do not interfere. They do not have caries and they do not cause the formation of inflammation of the soft tissues of the gums, then you can leave the “eight”

Why do gums bleed?
Bacteria form plaque, which first causes inflammation, and then the destruction of gum tissue. But the reasons that bacteria began to actively multiply can be completely different. This may be insufficient oral hygiene, mechanical damage, smoking or reduced immunity. In any case, if you notice this problem in yourself, be sure to contact your dentist.

What should I do if a filling falls out?
If possible, contact your dentist immediately. If this is not possible, use these tips:
1. Do not load the aching tooth: chew on the healthy side, and refuse solid food.
2. Be sure to rinse your mouth after eating with a solution of soda and salt, chlorhexidine.
3. If the pain is severe, take painkillers. But do not get carried away, follow the doses recommended by the manufacturers.
And remember, the sooner you see a doctor, the better for saving your tooth.

Is it possible to treat teeth during pregnancy?
Yes, teeth can and should be treated during pregnancy. If anesthesia is needed, the doctor will select a drug that will not harm the mother and child.

What to do with increased tooth sensitivity?
You should regularly use a desensitizing toothpaste - toothpaste for sensitive teeth. They contain potassium and fluorine, which helps to reduce sensitivity. For best results, apply the toothpaste to your teeth with your finger or a cotton swab and leave it on for a few minutes. You can also use a fluoride rinse once a day. If within two weeks the sensitivity has not decreased, consult a dentist to rule out caries.

Do teeth deteriorate under a crown?
The tooth under the crown does not deteriorate. Before the crown is installed, the tooth is carefully treated, and treated with special substances. The crown is glued to the tooth with a modern material that prevents caries from developing. But if the crown was installed poorly, there was damage to the crown, the tooth may begin to deteriorate. This can be seen by the inflamed gums, and the taste of pus in the mouth.

Does it hurt to install an implant?
The implant installation procedure is performed under local anesthesia, so it is painless. After the operation, the pain can occur within 5-7 days. Such pain is relieved by painkillers that the dentist will prescribe after the implant is installed.

What is the service life of a filling?
The lifespan of a filling depends on many factors. This is the professionalism of the dentist and the materials from which the filling is made. Modern technology allows you to install fillings that can last up to 20 years. In our dental clinic in Baltimore, we use just such materials.

Why does the tooth change color?
Discoloration of teeth can be caused by staining drinks such as coffee and tea. If one tooth has changed color, the reasons can be much more serious: hemorrhage, improperly treated canals, and pulp necrosis.
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Learn more about Dental Services. Baltimore Dental office Pro-Dentist

Dental implants

Probably one of the most progressively developing niches in dentistry. Modern implantation is much faster and completely painless. And dental implant materials have reached a whole new level of strength, durability, convenience and aesthetics.

Teeth whitening

At the moment, we are using completely new and much more effective whitening materials and agents that can only be used in modern dentistry. They do not react with chemical additives that are present in food, do not destroy tooth enamel and allow you to achieve maximum results in teeth whitening.

Dental implants

A huge breakthrough in the improvement of materials for the manufacture of prostheses. Modern removable dentures are thinner, and much more plastic, which allows them to be used in more complex cases. They are also hypoallergenic, i.e. do not cause allergies, which is very important.

Bite correction. Braces

Modern dentists are specialists who are able to help you not only in the treatment of teeth but also to improve (correct) the bite. To correct an overbite, braces made of various materials are used. The specialists of our clinic will tell you everything in detail and offer the best option for you to correct your bite to form a beautiful smile.

Baltimore Pediatric dentistry

We pay special attention to our young friends. Dentistry for children should be primarily aimed at the psychological and physical comfort of our little visitors. All our dentists understand this very well and know how to treat and help children. And the dental clinic itself is equipped with all the necessary equipment to be proudly called pediatric dentistry.

And remember that prevention is much better than treatment. This is true for adults, and even more so for children.

Tooth extraction

For a long time, tooth removal has become a painless procedure. Modern means of anesthesia allow you to remove any tooth so that the patient practically does not notice it. Our dentists will carefully examine you for the expediency of tooth removal, and not treatment, and will carry out the removal without pain and with the relevant recommendations and doctor's prescriptions for quick and effective tissue healing after removal.


Veneers are placed in a variety of situations. Tooth enamel wear, discoloration of the tooth surface, and the presence of chips, cracks and fillings in the smile area. One wants to reduce too wide gaps between the teeth. One wants straight teeth, and a snow-white perfect smile. In our dental clinic, the best dentists in Baltimore will help you solve such problems and install veneers from the highest quality modern materials.

Dental Cleaning

Several methods are used to perform the procedure of brushing your teeth. The dentist chooses the most optimal cleaning method for you based on the examination, taking into account the condition of the teeth and mouth of a particular patient. In any case, plaque, tartar and blackout stains on the enamel will be removed. The cleaning procedure is painless and does not take much time. But the results are always excellent and very useful in preventing the deterioration of the teeth and gums.

Dental treatment. Dental Care

The most frequent visits to dentistry are, of course, for dental treatments. Many people, unfortunately, neglect prophylactic and go to the dentist only when the tooth has already been significantly affected by caries and decay. Often accompanied by severe pain. Of course, our dental clinic in Baltimore tries to help such patients as soon as possible. After all, living with a toothache is very difficult. Dental treatment in our Pro-Dentist clinic is handled by professionals, and dentists of the highest level.

Baltimore Pediatric dentistry Dental Cleaning Baltimore

Dental Crowns

The installation of crowns in dentistry is often used to restore teeth that have undergone partial destruction. By installing a crown, you can decorate and strengthen these teeth. The installation of a crown is a kind of installation of a protective and decorating cap, which is fixed onto the tooth.

The dentist examines the tooth and determines whether root canal treatment is possible, whether a part of the tooth remains intact and whether it is possible to install a crown on it. In our dental clinic, we use only modern materials and instruments.

Dental restorations

Restoration of teeth is necessary when the functionality of the teeth is lost or it is necessary to improve their appearance. To do this, the dentist uses special materials and techniques. There are several ways to restore teeth. More details on this issue are in a special article. Here we would like to note that in our clinic you can restore your teeth with the help of restoration. Our doctors can easily help you with this. One of the best dental offices in Baltimore

Gum treatment

Most often, problems with the gums do not particularly bother a person, they do not make themselves felt. And it is easy to miss the moment when you should have gone to the doctor yesterday. Therefore, periodic preventive examinations at the dentist will prevent all kinds of complications with teeth and gums. Read more about gum problems and their solutions in this article. But in any case, no matter what problems you have with your gums, a professional dentist will help you get rid of them. All you have to do is book an appointment with the dentist.

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